Monday, March 12, 2018

I'm doing good here.

Assalamualaikum and hi there. It has been a loooongggg longgggg time for me not publishing any posts on this blog. In syaa Allah , i will start back ; start from the scratch AHA! ofcourse lol. i already deleted my previous entries because of thinking to start new. Not looking as sooo childish as before or wtv. Because the last entry I posted was on my PMR ( 2013 ; it was 5 years back. -.- you know how unmatured i am)

So yeah , i am now studying ACCA and OBU degree in Sunway College. In syaa Allah i'll be graduating next year. I don't know how to define "the hardness" of ACCA but what can i tell is ACCA is fvkin' hard babe T.T i'm always pressuring myself ALMOST EVERYDAY studying those subjects. But not almost everyday i'm studying effectively LOL. Some days , i study leisurely by hearing any songs loudly , watching dramas while study and yeah gossiping huhu . I guess i really should stop that habit. and I think every body should stop having that habit. yes , it's true every one is studying every day. Even some of them study every hours and secs but think back , how many hours you have been studied effectively. Stay focus when you are studying. Yup , that is the best key to every successful people on earth ; STAY FOCUS. Put 100% commitment in everything you do. In syaa Allah , that will improve all of us.

I have to change and so do you. ;)